By Steve Millar

As much as Reavis’ Litzy Corona enjoys playing soccer, she’s developing an equally strong love for coaching.

While playing an important role on the field for the Rams, the junior has been just as vital off the field for the Burbank Bulldogs FC during that three-year span.

“I coached really young kids at first, and now I’m coaching at the under-13 level,” Corona said. “I like that I get to be the boss and help lead a team. I get to tell them, ‘Hey, listen to me. I know what I’m doing.’ I’m definitely interested in coaching in the future.”

Corona, a center midfielder, is eager to get back in the action this spring. She missed most of the 2017 season with patellar tendinitis in her knee.

“I had to do six weeks of therapy, and I was out for two months,” Corona said. “I’m very competitive, so it was tough sitting out.

“I’m really excited to get back this season, because I’ve been working really hard ever since I got past the knee injury. I want to help our team do some big things this season and win a lot of games.”

That passion for the sport of soccer started when Corona was 9 years old.

“It’s a funny story how I got started,” said Corona, who is a National Honor Society member. “My brother always used to play, and my parents never let me play.

“One day at his practice, the ball came to me, and I got it, started dribbling around and going crazy. After that, I started playing all the time.”

While getting back on the field on a consistent basis has Corona excited, she’s also looking forward to the opportunity to play in the PepsiCo Showdown again. Reavis will compete in the annual tournament again this spring.

“It’s very cool to be a part of this tournament,” Corona said. “There are a lot of great teams in it, and it should be a lot of fun again. I’m excited.”

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