It’s now or never for WEGO

West Chicago coach Jose Villa, a 2006 alum of the program, led his squad to a 16-5-1 regular season record this fall. When combined with 2019 and 2021 spring campaign, the Wildcats are unbeaten in 56 of their last 65 games.

With Main Core Back, Willowbrook Ready To Exceed Expectations

Willowbrook sophomore Erinn Bell: “It was fun playing as a freshman on the varsity level last season. You get to compete against better and more experienced players, and then you realize how far you’ve come since you first started playing on varsity. I realized you have to be really aggressive and to be more proactive than reactive.” Bob Narang has the story for #PrepSoccerReport

Plainfield East Has The Keys To Success

Saint Ambrose-bound goalie Alison Cosola believes this could be a special season for Plainfield East: “I feel like we’re going to be really good this year with a lot of seniors and new players that are good coming in as freshmen. Teamwork, communication, staying focused and remaining positive are the keys.” Bob Narang has the story.